1. DESIGN
    • Follows X-Architects design philosophy
    • Undertakes appropriate research, familiar with design trends and has up to date design knowledge
    • Understands and follows the project brief, following review incorporates all comments in their work
    • Understands requirements and challenges direction as required
    • Participates in general production, problem solving and design input
    • Uses software to produce to produce progressive and innovative design
    • Carries out such other duties which are consistent with the nature and responsibilities of the role
    • Informs the team of progress, problems and submits work for review
    • Clearly and interestingly presents design ideas internally, supports in client presentations.


    • Produce drawings or oversee the production of drawings in accordance with company guidelines and within project deadlines.
    • Uses the company file naming and information filing standards and follow quality standards in overall work
    • Performs QA/QC checks of project / package before presenting for review
    • Developing a good level of experience and understanding of building construction, codes and regulations, and obligations of architect of record



    • Talent Development
    • Proactively demonstrate knowledge and skills acquired in the workplace
    • Interested in ongoing professional development, eager and enthusiastic to learn
    • Evidence of sharing knowledge with the team
    • Values the experience and contribution of others
    • Confidently works independently when required
    • Completes the required actions / documents prior to reviews in a timely manner
    • Leadership & Teamwork
    • Be an effective and efficient team member, someone that the team can rely on
    • Possess a flexible working attitude (co-operative and open to guidance) and work well within the team environment
    • Accepts personal responsibility for maintaining and contributing to the X-Architects studio culture
    • Transparent and effective communication with project team, seniors and support staff.
    • Professional communication with external parties via various mediums
    • Participates in team activities and staff events
    • Other
    • Works to minimize their environmental impact while working by considering before printing, keeps office temperature maintained at the recommended degree, lights and electronic equipment turned off when not in use
    • Updates HR with documents as requested and in a timely manner. Takes responsibility for the validity of own documents including visa.
    • Interested in own health and well-being, participates in office initiatives. Makes themselves aware of correct posture, managing eyes with computers/devices and stress management techniques.
    • Respects office and team timing


    • Follows X-Architects on social media, reads updates and shares publicly available posts and events
    • Follows X-Architect design and brand guidelines
    • Communicates with sub-consultants and client staff at their level with professionalism and develops relationships
    • Respects client confidentiality and obtains management approval before sharing images and work they are working on


    • Fills in and submits timesheets in a timely manner, and observe attendance procedures
    • Has a detailed understanding of the various stages of a project
    • Has an understanding of the scope and deliverables of their project
    • Starts to gain an understanding of contract terms and conditions.
    • Be aware of sub-consultant contract documents.
    • Where practical become involved in as many architectural studies, investigations, coordination meetings and design workshops as possible
    • Risk Management – understand the risks on the project and ensure they have been added to the risk register, inform your project leader of issues, suggest and follow through on the mitigation directed.


    Person Profile

    Education and Training

    • Degree educated – Bachelor degree in Architecture – honours optional.
    • Excellent design skills
    • Experienced in generating 3D design model/visuals
    • Proficient in AutoCAD and Revit, SketchUp, Rhino 3D, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Office
    • Experience in Revit, Grasshopper or Vray is a plus
    • Hand sketching skills are a must
    • Excellent command of written and spoken English
    • Member of UAE Society Engineers.


    • Previous experience in an office environment working as part of a team required
    • Project stages – exposure and experience in all stages preferred, design and/or delivery of packages/parts of small projects with limited supervision
    • Understanding of codes and standards and their application highly regarded
    • Industry Experience – in an innovative practice locally or internationally or reputable local practice highly regarded
    • Years worked following graduation – minimum 4 years

    Personal Qualities

    • An enthusiasm for design and the built environment, innovative concepts and sustainability
    • An ambitious personality, capable of achieving
    • Handles day to day challenges confidently
    • Pro-active in turning up solutions to design related issues and can provide quick manual sketches for better understanding of proportions, spatial arrangements, etc
    • Able to multi-task
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Produces a high volume of meaningful work in an efficient way to deadline
    • Able to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
    • Willing to learn and grow, happy to undertake a variety of tasks as required
    • Accepts responsibility for their mistakes
    • Remains positive even under difficult circumstances, maintains positive approach
    • Ask for feedback to improve their performance

    Management and Communication Style

    • Openly shares all relevant information with the team
    • Actively contributes to the team to achieve results
    • Creates and maintains effective working relationships with the team
    • Hands-on and proactive
    • Communicate openly, clearly, concisely and in an organized way
    • Listens well in group
    • Able to take direction
    • Able to receive and progress with constructive criticism
    • Brings conflict and disagreements into the open and tries to resolve them collaboratively
    • Has empathy in dealing with others
    • Explains the reasons for their decisions

     Role Summary

    • Office-based
    • Occasional travel may be required



    Concept / Cultural / Commercial / Civic / Design Support Unit (DU), Villa Design

    Upon arrival you will be assigned to one or multiple units from the list above.  The key requirements for the specialized units are listed below.

    • Concept Unit
      • Has strong experience on with working on concepts or the concept parts of the project (various sectors)
      • Strong in presentation software
      • Good graphic skills
      • Proven presentation skills
      • Candidates that have won awards, or worked on award winning projects will be highly regarded
      • Candidates with experience in well-known /creative design studios or practices preferred
    • Other units – Cultural, Commercial, Civic – experience in that sector or a complimentary sector preferred
    • Design Support Unit (DU) – the candidate may be required to demonstrate special skills or proven experience in for example rendering, visualization, specifications, BIM management
    • Villa Design
      • Proven villa experience – design, build, deliver
      • Evidence of design of unique buildings
      • Understands and experienced in all stages
      • Amenable to working on concept and/or production

    Job Details

    • Offered Salary:
    • Career Level:
    • Experience:
      5-8 years
    • Gender:
      No preference
    • Qualification:
      Bachelor degree

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