Protects the company’s profitability by supporting the Technical manager and unit staff in planning & budgeting projects costs through accurate estimates of the projects taken by the company considering all the cost like the drafting cost, the computer, the electronics, the labor, the blueprints, the raw materials while keeping in mind the percentage of profit. In short, prepares cost estimates by analyzing proposals and requirements.
    – Support the Technical manager and unit staff in planning the job requirements and mainly the resource requirements.
    – Analyze the project’s components and research the cost involved and set the estimation.
    – Drafts initial project quotation after coordinating with all concerned
    – Manage the time to ensure the completion of the project as per planned deadlines and the calculated estimate.
    – To find the correct estimate in favor of the company
    – Coordinate with the sales consultants on project requirements.
    – To consult with the people in other departments and clients from different fields for finding an appropriate budget and meet the unresolved issues.
    – In case of emergency or any hindrances with the estimate, the Estimator has to contact other supervisor of related field and get the right estimate.
    – Visit the internet for available services useful for the administration.
    – Maintain all the labor requirements and other materials required by the company and search for cost reducing purchases to maintain the calculated estimate.
    – Prepare for time, labor, machines, cost of material and all other documents to be estimated.
    – To contact with the engineers, other sub owners and contractors and hold meetings to meet the estimated cost .
    – Maintain updated raw material lists and prices.
    • Bachelor in Engineering or sciences
    • Knowledge of Project Management
    • MS Office applications
    • Written and spoken fluency in English
    2 – 4 years experience
    • Advanced analytical and problem solving
    • Time Management
    • Project management
    • Accounting & Budgeting
    • Must provide quality services to the people.
    • Must have ability to work for long hours under high pressure.
    • Must have mathematical skills to solve problems.
    • Proper management of resources.
    • Must have ability to plan efficient projects including technical specifications and schedules.

    Job Details

    • Offered Salary:
    • Career Level:
    • Experience:
      3-5 years
    • Gender:
      No preference
    • Qualification:
      Bachelor degree

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