Financial Controller – Lebanon

Financial Controller – Lebanon


    – Develop strategic objectives and KPIs for the Finance department and ensure that the department’s employees are working towards the achievement of these objectives.
    – Review the operating results of the Department and follow-up to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct insufficient results.
    – Develop and/or revise, adjust and ensure implementation of the company’s policies and procedures in order to achieve the Department’s objectives.
    – Monitor the adherence of Finance Department’s employees to the company’s guidelines, policies and procedures.
    – Recommend enhancements to the budgeting techniques and procedures and prepare comparative analyses studying proposed changes in budgeting methods and materials.
    ₋ Deplete the existing backlog of data making sure it is is accurately entered into the System and that Data is up to date and reliable (i.e., all checks and balances are correct and accurate).
    ₋ Make sure that the data is properly allocated to the related periods, establishing accrual and prepaid schedules completing each period.
    ₋ Organize the timely and accurate weekly and monthly accounting for all functions.
    ₋ Review all accounting records to ensure the accuracy and completeness of accounting records and absence of any possible discrepancies.
    ₋ Oversee respective accounting functions to ensure alignment of the same with the leading practices.
    ₋ Develop and maintain financial accounting systems for cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit control, and petty cash.
    ₋ Monitor accounting balances in the system to assure that all transactions made are reflected in an accurate manner.
    ₋ Oversee the fixed assets accounting treatments and ensure alignment of the same with the set financial policies and procedures.
    ₋ Build, Edit and Review financial statements and related notes.
    ₋ Oversee Operations and special project function and ensure accuracy of accounting treatment of the same.
    ₋ Initiated, audit and maintain the segregation of duties principle among Accounting & Finance teams.
    ₋ Oversee Treasury activities to ensure optimum management of cash flow and company liquidity while ensuring safeguard of the best interest of the company.
    ₋ Oversee the company’s cash management activities, which cover reconciliation of cash and bank accounts, clearing payments and receipt transactions within the system and depositing cash or cheques in banks.
    ₋ Ensure and interpret cash flows and take corrective action when necessary.
    ₋ Oversee the company’s cash position and control all finance related activities to ensure that the same is in line with the Finance Department’s policies and procedures.
    ₋ Oversee the work of the Accounting Manager/ Chief Accountant who is responsible for:
    o Ensuring that all transactions are posted to the system in line with the set finance policy and procedures.
    o Overseeing General Ledger transactions and ensure alignment of the same with the set policies.
    – Enhance the ERP functionalities in coordination with the MIS department for additional data security and control.

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