Home room teacher – Oman

Home room teacher – Oman


    – Get to know each student in the homeroom
    – Be available and approachable, setting tones of friendship
    – Develop a sense of community in the Homeroom
    – Monitor behavior, advise and encourage observance of School Code
    – Be knowledgeable of pupil service programs offered by the school
    – Keep accurate records of attendance
    – Take notice of each student’s report and Academic Progress
    – Write commendations on the report and Academic Progress
    – Refer matters of concern or risk to pupil services’ attention
    – Refer to Parents when issues of concern arise
    – Bring to notice Bulletin matters during each Homeroom period
    – Deliver memos from school personnel or counselors to student
    – Discuss issues of relevance with the students
    – Advise students on issues such as organization of work/time management, and how to deal with conflicts
    – Give feedback to the Administration or Student Council when issues of importance have been discussed
    – Dialogue with Counselors, Parents, or with the student’s other teachers when there is concern
    – Plan team – building activities, assist in Inter – House events
    – Cooperate with the Student Council on events, elections and plans
    – Participate in meeting

    • Either a bachelor in Primary education with 2 years of experience working in a British curriculum based school. ( where the teaching doesn’t involve teaching from a book like a Cambridge book or an oxford book; but the teaching is based on British curriculum standards, the school planning, a variety of resources both made in school and from other platforms)
    • Or a degree in sciences and Math subjects, a PGCE in Education, very strong in English and with at least 5 years’ experience in a British curriculum based school with the same conditions as above

    Job Details

    • Offered Salary:
    • Career Level:
    • Experience:
      3-5 years
    • Gender:
    • Qualification:
      Bachelor degree

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