Online sales manager -Saida

Online sales manager -Saida


    Requirements: Bs degree- 3 years experience in similar role is a must

    The online sales manager is responsible for carrying out the online sales of the products and services assigned by the client. He/she uses various ways to sell these products and services by chatting, emailing or by making use of blogs to reach to the target audience.
    He/she is responsible for providing the database of the potential customers to his/her team members as well as that of the existing customers. He/she ensures that these customers are made aware about the products, their special offers, discounts, etc.
    He/she prepares the sales targets for the team and makes sure that the strategies are designed in such a way, so as to achieve maximum sales by promoting the products well on the internet. He/she provides directions to the sales professionals and evaluates their performance.
    He/she prepares sales reports and handles if there are any issues with the ongoing internet sales.
    Here are a few points that will be able to give you a clear idea as to what exactly are the key responsibilities that need to be handled by the internet sales manager:
    • To meet and try to surpass the monthly sales target and earn maximum profit margins for the organization
    • To guide, instruct and give directions to all the sales team personnel and assist in organizing all the sales activities of the internet sales department
    • To understand the target audience and explain the use and operation of that particular product
    • To select the products, merchandise as per the demands of the customers and to answer all the queries that are being raised by them
    • To assist the internet sales people in various customer interactions and make sure that the customer satisfaction is enhanced during the entire purchasing experience
    • To coordinate and implement the best practices to ensure effective sales approach and assist the sales team personnel in closing sales whenever needed
    In addition to the above responsibilities, the internet sales manager needs to handle some other tasks as well.
    • He/she prepares the sales reports, evaluates the performance of each internet sales team member and provides him/her with relevant feedback, so as to improve his/her sales figures.
    • He/she keeps himself/herself updated with the new products, their features and tries to explain the advantages to its customers so as to increase the sales of that particular product.
    • He/she communicates with the customers effectively.
    • He/she prepares the departmental reports and makes effective use of website as well as social media and may be involved in the development of the content, its design, layout, management, etc.
    • He/she may also make sure that the content developed for the site is edited and proofread well and ensures that internet based advertising campaigns have been followed up in a proper manner.
    • He/she uses various information management tools and develops customer interactive strategies through web based media content, communication channels, social networking sites, etc.
    • He/she focusses on quantitative targets that are based on market analysis, consumer research and competitive benchmarking.
    • He/she coordinates with the sales and other departments to plan, implement and execute the site content that includes all the feature products, advertising, promotions, information, email responses, advertising campaign management, etc.
    • He/she analyzes the response rates and the customer data for positioning decisions and implements search engine optimization techniques.
    • Thus, he/she plans, coordinates and executes the internet sales operation by adhering to the business strategies and plans of the organization.
    • He/she is involved in managing the mix of merchandise, developing and managing the sales plans, sorting out the technical problems by working with the website development team and uses various techniques to achieve the assigned sales objectives.

    Job Details

    • Offered Salary:
    • Career Level:
    • Experience:
      3-5 years
    • Gender:
      No preference
    • Qualification:
      Bachelor degree

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