Vice Principal High School/Elementary- American Curriculum – Kuwait -$4000 + Benefits

Vice Principal High School/Elementary- American Curriculum – Kuwait -$4000 + Benefits


    – To supervise, discipline, and monitor students. Lead, direct, supervise and student activities, ensuring implementation and providing innovation of school policies, and to assist Principal in other areas as directed by the School Director.

    School Climate:
    – Assist in the development of the school vision, ensuring that the school mission is reflected in its educational program, making it consistent with the values of the community and the school academic goals and practices.
    – Articulate the school mission to the school community, soliciting support from all the members of the community.
    – Exhibit multicultural awareness.
    – Assist School Director in fostering collegiality and team building among faculty, encouraging their active involvement in the school progress Assist Principal in communicating and promoting expectations for high-level performance from faculty and students by role modelling, encouraging, and recognizing excellence and achievement.

    Personnel Management:
    – Collaborate with School Director in development and updating the school curriculum.
    – Assist School Director with planning for staffing needs and making recommendations for staff placement, retention, promotion or dismissal.
    – Communicate school policies and expectations of Executive Management to the faculty in a timely and clear manner as directed by School Director.
    – Assist School Director in identifying needs for staff development and working with staff to help them accomplish improvement goals
    – Lead staff meetings for the purpose of disseminating information in the absence of the School Director.
    – Organize cover for absent teachers within department.
    – Develop duty schedule for the level.
    – Involving in school time table/ calendar.

    Instructional Management:
    – Understand the dynamics of the classroom and identify and apply effective instructional strategies.
    – Plan and supervise the program for social and emotional development of students- extracurricular activities, special celebrations days, school trips, and competitions.
    – Coordinate the development, writing and evaluation of data related to student performance utilizing it to assess the effectiveness of the instructional program, including accurate anecdotal records to support summative assessments.
    – Present workshop (training/ coaching) over new teaching methods and information as needed.

    Student Management:
    – Give individual and group guidance for personal problems, educational and vocational objectives, and social and recreational activities
    – Supervise and maintain records of student attendance. in school at assemblies, extracurricular activities or sporting events.
    – Report all incidences of student truancies and issues to the School Director.
    – Discipline students in cases of attendance and behavior problems;
    – Walk about the school building to monitor safety and security, and coordinates teacher supervision of area such as halls, cafeteria, courtyards and toilets.
    – Foster good interpersonal relationships between faculty and students.

    Facilities Management:
    – Report any concerns regarding the safety, security & appearance of the school to School Director.
    – Assist the School Director in timetabling the use of school facilities.
    – Assist in the implementation of plans for emergency situations (e.g. fire drills, emergency evacuation) as directed by school Management

    Fiscal Management:
    – Collaborate with the School Director in the preparation of the secondary school budget based on documented program needs (estimated enrollment, personnel need, recourse needs).
    – Coordinate the preparation & filing of inventories of school property & resources for the security & accountability for that property.
    – Assist in the process of requisitioning of new resources, equipment & Supplies.

    Parent/ Community Relations:
    – Demonstrate understanding of the school’s mission soliciting the support of parents in realizing the mission.
    – Demonstrate awareness & understanding of parent/ community needs and initiate activities to meet those needs.
    – Inform School Director of parents concerns towards the schools & faculty and assist in working out solutions for problems.
    – Exhibit interest in community activities by attending community functions.
    – Participate in updating the school curriculum.

    – Discuss with School Director on a regular basis and perform other duties as assigned.
    Assist School Director in planning transition activities for grades.


    • Bachelor Degree in Education or relevant degree with valid professional teaching qualification. Master in Education/Management is highly desirable.
      Leadership Certifications are mandatory.
    • Preferably Female
    • 12 – 15 years experience in Education Industry. Minimum 2 – 3 years as Principal or Vice Principal
    • Proven leadership experience in American Curriculum Schools in GCC Countries. Aware of latest trends in Education Sector.

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      8 +
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      Bachelor degree

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